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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  May 1, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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trafficking case. >> what we do know is certainly bizarre. our ken molestina is live where all of this is happening with more. kenny. >> reporter: yes, this is the 6,000-block. the mansion behind me is said to be the home of the saudi military attach ee attache. it is where they raided the place. >> they rescued two women. a source close to the investigation tells wusa9 they both speak english and they were in the u.s. legally with pass ports indicating they may have been here to do domestic work. >> it's unbelievable. >> reporter: neighbors are in awe of the allegations coming out of this compound. even a catering crew who showed up to work at the dinner party seemed surprised. >> if i had known, i don't think -- i don't have any -- i'm not going to go. >> reporter: federal authorities wouldn't say much else in regards to these speculations except to confirm they are looking into this being
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a possible human trafficking case. it's unclear who alerted the authorities to these women, but they're said to be safe in their care. back out live here, here is what is bizarre about this. no files have been charged against anyone in all of this. if someone who lives inside is going to be responsible for a crime, they may be entitled to some sort of diplomatic -- some sort of diplomatic sorn tee because this is sovereignty because this is a sovereign land here. >> ken, thank you. and joining us now to talk more about this is the prevention director at fair girls. and fair girls has worked to fight the exploitation of girls around the world. thanks so much for coming in tonight. >> thank you for having me. >> again reinforce is the he is ij here that the government --
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-- reinforce that the government is looking into this. >> one of the biggest problems is people don't understand what trafficking is in the united states. we just don't have enough awareness about it. most people think that it's something that happens abroad and not to our youth in this country or to adults. a large problem is that we don't understand that boys could be trafficked as well. >> it's not just about sex? >> no, not at about sex. it's also about labor trafficking. domestic service is a big problem in the united states. that is just a hard thing to understand and to make people aware of. >> so could this be happening in your neighborhood right next door and there be no sign at all? >> of course. like i said, domestic servitude is a great example of somebody being a nanny or a servant in a home and you wouldn't even know that the person is next door to you. >> so how do you know who might be a victim and more importantly
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how can we help them? >> well, as far as youth, there is always some behavior change. we work in schools within dc public schools, and there's always students who have an extreme behavior change or tattoos, run away youths are usually more at risk. >> we're running out of time. what about for the adults? would you be able to see from the outside looking in whether or not your neighbor was being trafficked? >> well, there's signs, like i said, with domestic trafficking or domestic servitude where you can see somebody working within the home. >> but even then you may not -- >> uh-huh. >> you may not know for sure? >> you may not know for sure. you would have to ask questions. >> okay. thanks so much for coming on to give us a bit of the scope of this problem. we're going to continue to watch that. and we know you'll be doing the great work that you do to help fight exploitation around the world. >> thank you. well, lesli, it's all fun and games until somebody throws
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a bag of urine. apparently that's exactly what happened this evening near the white house. somebody tossing urine when a group marching in support of socialism squared off against the group not overly enthused about the socialism. the cops moved in fast to break the whole thing up. ride the metro and have a complaint or a big issue. you could attend a monthly meeting and air it out or you could let debora know and she'll get answers for you. >> after the rail crash, the red line riders were halted. we thought we would get some answers. we're going to try to do this story a little differently tonight. yes, as you see right here, we are doing this top 10 style. but in order to give equal style to both sides, we're going to start a little closer to the top. >> ask a question, get an answer. we took our top 10 list in tonight's rider's advisory council. busted escalators.
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>> sometimes they work. sometimes they don't. sometimes they're up. sometimes they're down. >> so i can tell you escalator ridibility has improved 10 point in the last 18 months. and it has. but if your escalator is out of your service at your station, you don't care about that. >> true. they awarded a contract to replace a fifth of the escalators in the next few years. number four. >> basically the weekend. >> what about the weekend late times? >> the reason we extend the wait times on the weekend is customers don't encounter delays and routes. >> reporter: and they make it clear by posting it. also on the weekend annoying track work that shuttles you on to buses. >> that's a process that is heavy construction and it's going to take awhile. and the only good time for us to get that productive work done is on the weekends. >> reporter: number two, unreliable service that riders say doesn't compare. this one has its facts. new york city subways ride 170,000 miles between
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breakdowns. metro trains 70,000. >> we operate trains in new york. new york has received new we're cars. >> reporter: and the number one complaint people have about metro. >> it's the lack of accountability. >> the fact is we're accountable. the way we're accountable is through a process called vital signs. >> reporter: they explain they have to keep stats in a number of categories and make that info available. >> in 10 out of 12 of the categories, we improved. >> reporter: now, we can make a whole show about this and still not have enough time as our producer knows. there is this other half of this top 10 list, and that's what we're going to put online at in the meantime, just any concerns at all, tweet me and i will try to get some answers for you. >> all right. way to go. well, when is the last time you saw a towing company give you some money back that it cost some poor driver to get back their car. how about never. >> you're going to see it tonight. a local towing company giving refunds to drivers who shouldn't
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have been towed in the first place. all of this after our hidden camera investigation put an end to illegal towing at a silver spring shopping center . and the man on this mission, our investigative reporter russ ptacek. >> reporter: officials have said they're sorry and they are changing their ways. but the towing company, g&g, has been aggressively silent. speaking only in the form of a refund check. >> $173. >> $168. >> i think wrong is wrong. and the tow truck company knew they were wrong. >> i don't think it's right. >> reporter: he doesn't think it's right here. >> sorry about the confusion. >> reporter: he's the boss that authorized the towing. he acknowledged towing from private parking meters there was not only confusing consumers but the signs weren't even large enough to allow legal towing,
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let alone warn unsuspected drivers. >> i want a release. >> is this your car. >> yes. >> i want this released. >> this is not how we operate. >> reporter: we identified 10-20 victims a month. what are you going to do with them? >> we're working to identify all of the victims and issue them refunds. >> so since you guys have laws, i got this check -- guys got involved, i got this check in the mail yesterday. >> reporter: when they gave this woman a ticket, she worked with an affiliate and she would message us. >> i'm glad you guys listened and you took action. because now they won't be doing it to anyone else. >> reporter: there were no tow warnings on the meters and the only signs were half the size required for legal towing. and they didn't mention over parking at the meters. >> don't even think about it. >> reporter: we've tried to reach the towing company's owner. but they ordered us off their property and haven't returned our calls.
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look at that refund check. it's from the account of g&g towing. >> $173.63. so i got my $173 back. i should have never been charged. >> reporter: montgomery county is using police tow records to identify victims and let them know they're entitled to a refund. if you're a victim, tweet at russ ptacek or send me a message on facebook. we'll try to help. i'm investigative reporter, russ ptacek, wusa9. >> do you think you were towed illegally. maryland law specifically says signs warning drivers about towing must be 24 by 30 inches and they also must be clearly visible. well, tonight the three friends of accused bomber -- boston bomber dzhokar tsarnaev are locked up behind bars. they threw away evidence in the case. two of the men violated vis as. a third man -- visas.
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a third man is in jail for lying to officials. a new man will spend the next 30 years in jail thinking about the beating that he gave to a man who was just trying to get home to his wife and child. he was guilty as charged using a baseball bat. the victim's name is thomas masland. he's still trying to rehab from his injuries though doctors say he'll never be the same. brant will be sentenced in july. tonight both an apology and a denial from the virginia man charged with assaulting a taxi cab driver. he denied breaking his jaw but he did make racial slurs. they want him prosecuted as a hate crime. the cabbie says he captured some of the incident on his cell
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phone. >> whatever you say, it's recorded. now you're punching me. you're punching me. >> do you think it's proper for the united states -- >> now you are punching me. right? >> medical records show the cabbie did suffer a broken jaw. the passenger did not want to go on camera. we have some sad news for you tonight. chris kelly, 1-half of the rap duo known as kriss kross has passed away. kriss kross is best remembered from their hit in the 1990s jump. well, imagine you're having your face burned beyond recognition. it did happen to one woman. but thanks to doctors in boston, she has a new face and she's showing it off. i'm meteorologist topper shutt. temperatures 71 today. that's pretty much average. here is your wake up weather. you will need a light jacket. so will the kids. mid 40s to mid 50s at 9:00.
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in the 50s by 9:00. plenty of sunshine. we'll come back and tell you how long this nice little streak of weather is going to last. and if you can whip up a feast, decorate your house, you probably have a whole lot more dough than you do. but now martha stewart is did we get it? got it. yes! ♪ how do i make it stronger? [ male announcer ] when you've got fios quantum, you get america's fastest, most reliable internet. hey, so where's the big project? ...huh. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. [ male announcer ] technology that makes you feel superhuman... where do i sign in? [ male announcer ] that's powerful. switch to fios and we'll triple your speeds for free with an upgrade to fios quantum. marvel's iron man 3, in theaters may 3rd.
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new tonight at 11:00, the justice department is appealing a decision to lift the age limit on the morning after pill. the food and drug administration had until monday on who could get plan b. yesterday the fda said anyone 15 or older could buy it over-the-counter. right now you have to be 17 to get it. well, people in maryland are one step closer to lighting up. together the governor will sign a number of bills, including one to approve medical marijuana programs. sick patients will be able to get pot from medical research centers, but it's not clear when they will be up and running. a vermont woman disfigured when her ex-husband doused her with lie revealed her brand new face today. >> i don't know. we have the power and the ability to overcome anything that happens to us.
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>> that's 44-year-old carmen tarlton who underwent 15 hours of surgery. the daughter of the donor who gave her the new face was also there at the news conference. miranda rider gave her a big hug and told her she look beautiful. fate brought her mother and her together. >> i get to feel my mother's skin again. i get to see my mother's freckles. and through you, i get to see my mother live on. >> now, she is legally blind and she is still waiting for the feeling to come back to the left side of her face. but that transplant relieved horrible neck pain she had been suffering for six years and she said she's now in a better place than she could have ever imagined. so here is something that may not shock you. dc is a superficial city. that's right. according to the dating website what's your price, you have 9.8 seconds to make an impression. in that time you're going to be judged on your picture, age,
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body. and if you think people here are bad, just be glad you don't live in salt lake city or portland or houston or chicago. people there are even more judgmental according to the website. turns out even martha stewart is online looking for love. she admits that she's on the website hoping to find mr. right. stewart and her long time boyfriend broke up awhile ago. and she's running fans of her magazine facebook page choose her profile photo. will it be a or b? the pearls or the lace. the 71-year-old profile name is the long good life. yesterday we reported that the fbi is investigating virginia governor bob mcdonald. and the fact that the ceo of a virginia corporation known as star scientific chipped in $15,000 to help pay for the governor's daughter's wedding, well, the governor says johnny williams was just being a good friend. but tonight derek is witching for better -- wishing for
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betters friends. >> yes. because i'm just remembering i'm the regular guy campaign ads. so forgive me if i'm having a little bit of a tough time wrapping my brain around the explanation that johnny williams is a good friend that kicked in 15 k to help pay for the wedding. nothing with mcdonald being the governor. the gift was for his daughter and not for him. if we use the smell test, frankly this is a little rank. and apparently things may be about to get a lot smellier as they dig through the tangled relation between the governor and star scientific and the ceo which goes a lot deeper than i have time to get into here. well, this week mcdonald insisted i can still govern, which you know if you have to say that, it might or it might not be true. but let's be real, governor mcdonald may be right when he argues broke no laws. after all, virginia's government gift laws are notoriously weak. basically you can give politicians anything you like and as much money as you like so
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long as it's reported. and while i'm sure this all worked out very well for the elected officials, we may soon find out that virginia voters concerned about the fresh scent of good clean government not so much. lesli. >> the nose smell. oh, boy. it could be interesting to see how this pans out for sure. >> i have three daughters. if he wants to make a contribution. >> i was going to say, he can do the same thing for us too. >> right. >> we're open. >> sure. all right. a nice new streak. a new weather pattern ee meshlingd today. we're going to -- emerged today. we're going to keep that going. it is our live michael and son weather cam. we're looking at clear skies. right now it's 56 downtown. relative humidity 64%. so kind of a dry air mass. not super dry, though. and the winds are still east, northeast at about 10. and the winds are still going to remain easterly for a while. all right, let's zoom in here,
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sparky. let's talk about the satellite picture radar combined. lot of snow in denver. snow and 24 in denver. they have had five inches southeast of the city. as much as 16 inches northwest of the city. it is just crazy. this snow is actually going to spread into kansas and nebraska overnight. and eventually into iowa and even into minnesota. now, the good news is it's going to be slowly moving east. you don't have to worry about it. it will stay west of us through the weekend. and this activity along the gulf coast is getting heavy. that also will stay to the south of us through the weekend. high pressure keeping everything at bay, so to speak. it will still keep the easterly winds in, so temps won't get crazy warm. that's okay. we can handle sunshine and 70 degrees. a terrific thursday. grab a jacket and shades and probably give a sweatshirt to the kids. it will be cold to start. we finish the week strong and we start the weekend strong. i think we'll finish the weekend strong as well. overnight clear and chilly.
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42-52. of winds easterly at about 10. and then by morning, a cool start. 40s and 50s. but sunshine. winds easterly at 10 again. and then by afternoon, great day. sunny and beautiful. high temperatures near 70. winds still easterly at about 10. next three days, we're in good shape. friday still nice. 70s. saturday still nice. 71. great on sunday. clouds coming in sunday night but the day is dry. we held off the showers until late monday. 71. and then nats in town. showers. maybe some thunderstorms on tuesday and wednesday. temperatures still around 70. notice temps don't vary much over the next seven days. we have the flower mart on friday, saturday. we've got the 88th running of the gold cup on saturday. it looks fantastic for all of those events. we'll be back right after this
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now game on with kristen berset. live from the cadillac sports defk. >> the nationals -- desk. >> the nationals and braves
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rivalry has been long. tonight the braves dug deep to pull out the victory. maybe this is a good spot. scoreless in the 4th. one on. waits for the right pitch and sends it over the outfield wall for a two-run shot. a scary moment in the 6th. bryce harper looks like he's in pain. lingering effects from a bruce he suffered last -- bruise he suffered last night hitting the wall. the star of the game jordan zimmerman. two hits in 8 innings. he has now thrown 18 straight shut out innings. the last win tonight 2-0. afterwards harper talked about his injury. >> i can play with pain. i can tolerate pain. and hopely nothing will keep me -- hopefully nothing will keep me out of the lineup tomorrow. >> we'll see. starting tomorrow night, the capitals will face off in the playoffs against the rangers for
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the fourth time. these are historically low scoring and nail biting. 19 games, 13 of them were determined by just one point. so we decided to take a look back at some of the most memorable playoff moments between these two teams. we begin with number five and we go back to 2009. the caps trailed 3 games to 1 but would rally to tie the series scoring nine goals in two games. that forced a 7th and deciding game. at number four, capitals fans heckling head coach in game five of the '09 series. the fans egged the coach on and he got suspended for game six. at number three, the debate in 2011 about which arena was louder, msg or verizon center. the debate began with this statement by then caps head coach bruce boudreau. >> our building is a lot louder. they can say what they want, but it's not that loud in there.
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>> while which arena was louder was very debatable, what was not was who was the better team. the caps were superior winning the series in five games. at number two, game four of the 2011 series. caps up two games to 1. but down 3-0 in the third period. but they would rally. three goals in the third to tie the game. and then in double ot, jason shemara knocks in the game winner to give the caps a commanding lead in the series. which leaves us with the most memorable moment. who could forget april 29th, 2007. game 7. the game winner giving the caps the first playoff series win since 1998. and we all remember last season seven games series. so hopefully this lunch will go in the capital's -- this one will go in the capital's favor. >> i think fans are glad they're in there.
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>> they're glad they're in there. but they've become the team that can't do anything in the playoffs. so i think fans want to go them a little further this time. >> we'll b through all the years that have passed. the failures. the successes. the people i've touched along the way. i can look back and be proud. knowing that with the help of my suntrust advisor, i didn't just live a life. i built a legacy. something worth passing along. and protecting. suntrust private wealth management. building and protecting legacies since 1892.
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we tallied the votes and the winner of tonight's choose your news contest is, well, will it be the rare turtle, will it be a gas station attendant who saved a kid or a one of a kind chicken coop. >> and the overwhelming majority picked the gas attendant. he saw gas get into the boy's eyes. tonight the little boy is doing
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fine. that gasoline could have done a lot of damage. >> which is why i like to see people at the gas station when i go. >> that's right. >> are you done? >> i'm online looking for
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